Welcome to Bread Through History! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a passionate artisan bread baker and student of history who loves to combine these two hobbies. On this blog, I’ll be baking a different bread each week and writing about its place in history, from the flatbreads of Rome to the sourdough of the California gold miners. There will be plenty of pictures, and tutorials for anyone interested in baking bread at home.

Why should bread be studied from a historical perspective? Well, bread is probably the one food

Whole wheat sourdough w/ violin
Whole wheat sourdough w/ violin

which has been eaten by every culture throughout history. It’s sustained lives and civilizations over the course of millennia. As such, it is also the most important food of all time. It has been used as a rallying call in the French Revolution and an essential part of countless religious rituals. It’s the simplest food around, consisting of just three ingredients as its essence. It conjures images of hearth, home, and family, no matter your culture. It is the true universal comfort food.

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Isaiah,I never thought of bread as a universal comfort food and how it has sustained lives
    in the course of civilization. I hope the breaking of bread could be used to further peace
    at the Peace Table.

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  2. Thanks to an exchange with your school two weeks ago, I discovered your blog and I tasted one of your loaves of bread.
    I am French and two years ago, I spent a year in Florida teaching French. What I missed the most (apart from my family) was bread and cheese. When you gave my American colleague a loaf of bread last week, I was dubious but when I tasted it, I was speechless. It was SO good. It was just perfect, the inside of the bread was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it. The next day, when you told us that you had done it in a “normal” oven, I was stunned. Please, could you give me your recipe ?
    Fabienne, the French teacher you met last week in New York.


  3. I love this blog! You’re writing style – at once so eloquent and simultaneously down-to-earth – is a pleasure to read, and I can almost taste your delicious bread again as I read this. Good for you starting this site (in all your spare time) and I can’t wait to read more. Hope you year is going well! I miss our chats. 🙂 Hannah McCollum


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